Industrial Automation Parallel Robot

  • TDR 4axis Delta Parallel Robot

    TDR31 picking robot sare Delta robot with 4 DOF which are widely used in high-speed picking and placing. These robots are designed to perform with payloads up to 3/8 kg and have a working evelope of 800/1600mm.The robots can be controlled by various industry standard motion...

  • TDR 2axis Delta Parallel Robot

    These robots are with 2-DOF,applied to the heavier fetching placement and pallet packing,the robots are designed to perform withpayloads up to 30/40 kg and have a working envelopeof 1000mm.The robots can be controlledby various industry standard motion control...

  • Picking Parallel Robot with High Speed

    PickING Robot is a dynamic modeling with 4-degree-of-freedom spatial symmetry robot, it is widely used for high-speed fetching placed, picking and packing container. The closed parallelogram of branched chain design can be sure that the robot can do the motion (three...

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