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"TRIOWIN" TPR series palletizing robot produced from Triowin was evaluated as the products with technical level reached leading domestic and international advanced by Shanghai, Chinese Academy of Scientific Research and Consultation Center Assessment. TPR series of robot products have been identified as "national key new products", and group products have achieved CE certification, Germany TUV; its customers have reached more than 300 domestic and foreign customers, the market covers food, beverages, beer, feed, chemicals, building materials, grain, medicine, and appliance industry. Up to now, "TRIOWIN" has for many years to become the best-selling brand of domestic palletizing robot, and the domestic market share among the best....

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TPR series robots, which have unique linear actuators, energy saving arm design, simple user interface and leaded tailoredgrips, can customize professional robotic solutions for different production lines and materials for our customers;Its superior accuracy, speed, a highly efficient and stable performance makeone robot to work with several production lines, the payload can be up to 120KG-300KG, andalso can be applied to feed, chemicals, grain and oil, food, building materials, cosmetics, liquor, beverage, pharmaceutical, household appliances, 3C electronics and other industries.


* Unique linear actuators: Cleverly four-bar linkage, the robot operation program easier and more precise control.

* Energy saving design arm: high-strength aluminum alloy non-collection, not only arm movements more flexible, while also reducing energy consumption.

* Compact teaching and friendly graphical user interface: less teaching position,and more compact interface make easier site operation, and better on-site efficiency.

* Real-time site monitoring: precision-site control software, can understand the site program is operating normally, automatic interference monitoring to avoid the collision.

* Pre-layout scene simulation: using powerful ROBOPACK-SIMU 3D simulation / programming software, you can easily complete the robot programming, layout, collision monitoring, on-site motion simulation and other work in the office, thus greatly reducing the on-site commissioning time and improve the overall production efficiency.


* Flexible programmatically

* Manual teaching mode

* Off-line programming mode

* Graphical programming 



1.3 (1).jpg

TPR-120TPR-200  TPR-300 
DDF4 axis
InstallationTo the ground
Motion Area   A(Rotation)       330°330°330°
   B(Up&Down)  2000mm2300mm2300mm
DriverAC Servo Motor
Repeat Pos Precision+0.5mm
Operation ConditionAmbient temperature:-30~45度:85%

Triowin Automation Machinery, one of the famous brands, is a certified company specialized in quality industrial automation palletizing robot. Known as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in China, we warmly welcome you to buy or wholesale our customized products and check the quotation with us.

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