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small carbonated drinks machine

  • Automatic Small Pouch Filling Line

    Three/four sides sealing packing line aims at final process of jam or powder-like material’s automatic packaging.It can realize measuring, folding bad,filling,sealing sewing,conveying automatically. It’s of high accuracy,strong reliability,wear-resisting. Using the world's...

  • Pre-treatment Machine

    Shanghai Triowin refines processing equipment including elevator,washing and sortiing machine and other structural units, there is a continuous processing operation from raw fruit to products. Based on good quality and advanced technique,triowin has won widespread praise from...

  • Small Scale Dairy Processing Plant

    Triowin has developed out dairy pilot line with production capacity of 20L/H---500L/H to meet the practical necessarily of universities, R&D center and enterprise. It can process milk ( peanut milk, coco milk, mixing milk), Yogurt (stirred type yogurt or solid type yogurt),...

  • Fruit Juice Sterilizer Machine

    Shanghai Triowin industrial sterilization system includes three types of tube type sterilization machine: tube in tube sterilizer , cooling tunnel type sterilizer and plate type sterilizer.

  • Juice Filter Filter &Clarification Machine

    According to the material solid content, particle size and material viscosity,filter includes decanter,disk centrifuge clarifier,rotary precoat vacuum drum filter, etc.

  • Htst Pasteurizer Machine

    This system is composed with rotary screw sterilizer, rotation control valve for material in and out, pneumatic conveying system, steam valve group, the electric heating device, electric control system and frame.

  • Small Scale Fruit and Vegetable Processing Plant

    Shanghai Triowin Automation Machinery Co., Ltd. has developed a fruit & vegetable comprehensive pilot line with production capacity of 20L/H-500L/H to meet the practical necessarily of universities, R&D center and enterprise. It can process kinds of kernel fruit, drupe fruit,...

  • Industrial Automatic Aseptic Bag Paste Filling Machine

    Triowin Aseptic Filling Systems offer a highly effective and reliable aseptic method of bulk packaging for high and low-acid food products, including tomato paste, vegetables and fruit juices, purees, particulates, concentrates, sauces, soups and dairy products.

  • Juice Concentrate Evaporator Machine

    Shanghai Triowin provides evaporator dedicated to the concentration of concentrated fruit juice, jam, whole vacuum sterile, also can be used to concentrate liquid milk, etc.

  • Fruit Crusher Machine

    Shanghai Triowin Machinery’s industrial fruit and vegetable crushing&pulping machine comes with different pre-treatment processes depending on characteristics of different fruits. Not only possesses crushing, squeezing, pulping, refining, but special fruits also require...

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