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4axis parallel robot

  • Industrial Collaborative Robot

    Cooperative robot can be used in machine loading and unloading, electronic 3C industry testing and assembling process, as well as education, health care or other emerging industries.

  • TDR 4axis Delta Parallel Robot

    TDR31 picking robot sare Delta robot with 4 DOF which are widely used in high-speed picking and placing. These robots are designed to perform with payloads up to 3/8 kg and have a working evelope of 800/1600mm.The robots can be controlled by various industry standard motion...

  • TDR 2axis Delta Parallel Robot

    These robots are with 2-DOF,applied to the heavier fetching placement and pallet packing,the robots are designed to perform withpayloads up to 30/40 kg and have a working envelopeof 1000mm.The robots can be controlledby various industry standard motion control...

  • Industrial Automation Palletizing Robot

    "TRIOWIN" TPR series palletizing robot produced from Triowin was evaluated as the products with technical level reached leading domestic and international advanced by Shanghai, Chinese Academy of Scientific Research and Consultation Center Assessment. TPR series of robot...

  • Industrial Automatic Heavy Load Stacking Robot

    Palletizing robot of StacKING series is a new generation of large load palletizing machine after the TPR series.

  • Picking Parallel Robot with High Speed

    PickING Robot is a dynamic modeling with 4-degree-of-freedom spatial symmetry robot, it is widely used for high-speed fetching placed, picking and packing container. The closed parallelogram of branched chain design can be sure that the robot can do the motion (three...

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