Small Scale Dairy Processing Plant

Triowin has developed out dairy pilot line with production capacity of 20L/H---500L/H to meet the practical necessarily of universities, R&D center and enterprise. It can process milk ( peanut milk, coco milk, mixing milk), Yogurt (stirred type yogurt or solid type yogurt), milk powder , cheese and so on....

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1.Multi-application: Designed to replicate industrial scale processing line. It can be used for teaching all production process, also used at study of formulation of processing, taste screen, additives, sample making.

2.System integrity: on fresh milk, yogurt, milk power, the integrity system includes milk receiption, clarification, standarsation, sugar dissolving, mixing, filtration、homogenization, serilization, fermentation, filling, to the end product package. On cheese, it includes milk reception, clarification, sterilization, cooling, fermentation, aging, rennase adding, curding, cutting, salting, stretching, moulding, cooling and end product package.

3. Key equipment independence: Consideration the study of processing requirement, some key equipments can be used in the whole line also can be used itself, no need the accessories. To save energy at the best.

4.Low production capacity design (lowest 20L/H) to save the material consumption at one batch. It is convenient to prepare the raw material, particular suitable at the research and development of the new processing for universities and enterprises. Can also applicable for the long time batch production.

5.The energy consumption design is reasonable in consideration of system property, laboratory location and limited power supply.

6.The layout is in good order in consideration of the operation and visit need and each operating unit combines to a small whole system.

7.It guarantees the whole system quality with advanced technology design, excellent manufacture and installation, compact design, nice appearance and reasonable layout.

Triowin Automation Machinery, one of the famous brands, is a certified company specialized in quality small scale dairy processing plant. Known as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in China, we warmly welcome you to buy or wholesale our customized products and check the quotation with us.

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