Multiple Stainless Steel Bio Fermenter Tank

Multiple Stainless Steel Bio Fermenter Tank

TW-XJD10 fermentation tank structure is made by Stainless steel, integral design, multi-function, no dead space in tank. Specially applicable for laboratory,; can be used alone or as the seeding tank to be used with other fermentation tank; can equip guide shell expanding to airlift fermentation....

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* Capacity:5L/7L/10L/15L…

* Coefficient of charge:0.65~0.8, 0.7 best

* Surface Roughness: Ra0.4 um polished inside (mechanical polishing or electrolytic polishing)。Ra0.6~0.8 um polished outside (matte process),or grit-blasting

* Pressure:0.01Mpa ~0.05 Mpa。pressure gauge with pressure sensor, hand regulation (standard configuration), automatic adjusted by proportional control Valve or pneumatic valve (option)

* Material: SS316L contact with material,other part is SS304

* Stirring type:top Mechanical stirring (or below magnetic coupling mixing),adopt single end and double mechanical seal technology. Two sets six blades blender,three baffle blades, with mechanical defoaming pulp

* Temperature controller:PID digital control,water forced circulation by circulation pump, auto controlled by magnetic valve, PT100 temperature sensor.

* Sterilization type:sterilization on site, or sterilization by high pressure autoclave

* Temperature range:5~65±0.2℃,resolution 0.1℃

* Sterilization temperature:100 ~130℃

* Stirring speed:50~1000rpm±5%* resolution 1rmp,adjusted by convertor. the speed is confirmed according to the tank size and material property.

* Fetch valve and tank bottom valve can be sterilized any time.

* Equipped with standard PH, DO electrode, bubble level, temperature sensor, feed interface,,large side wide view goggle, security light.

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