Lab Vacuum Liquid Mixing Tank

Lab Vacuum Liquid Mixing Tank

As the result of many years of continuous development, the machine has been successfully applied for various food fields, such as beverage making, ingredients testing, flavor and fragrance weighting, chemical composing, and other liquids processing. The machine works in many functions, such as heating, cooling, normal stirring, high sheering stirring, and homogenizing, etc. It also can keep product being processed under aseptic condition. The machine not only has many functions, but is easily operated. It meets the great needs for R&D dept. in food enterprises and high institutions....

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* Capacity 2-6 Liter 

* PLC Integrated control system, data recorded for analysis 

* Made of stainless steel

* Able to work under positive or negative pressure 

* 125℃ heating up to 125℃

* Bottom with high shearing emulsification 

* Head, and top with plate-type stirrer. Adjustable speed 


* Process in series 

* Suitable for dissolving powders

* Suitable for mixing oil, water and cream 

*Minimum capacity 2 Liter 

Triowin Automation Machinery, one of the famous brands, is a certified company specialized in quality lab vacuum liquid mixing tank. Known as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in China, we warmly welcome you to buy or wholesale our customized products and check the quotation with us.

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