Hydrogenation Purificiation Unit

Hydrogenation Purificiation Unit

The Triowin Hydrogenation unit is a floor standing batch process-ing vessel which is used to adjust the degree of saturation of 25 litre batches of edible oils....

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In order to increase the degree of saturation of edible oils to adjust their physical characteristics, the oil must be mixed with hydrogen gas in the presence of a catalyst under very precisely controlled process conditions.On completion of the reaction, the catalyst must be completely removed by an efficient filtration operation. The Hydrogenation unit achieves this by use of a variable speed turbine impeller and baffle arrangement which allows efficient gas-liquid mixing, and accurate control of the pertinent process parameters. Oil is heated to the desired reaction temperature then hydrogen gas is admitted and fills the vapour space to the pressure required. The progress of the reaction is monitored by regular sample taking and the process stopped when the desired degree of saturation has been obtained. 


   Batch capacity:   25 liters
   Coil tube surface area:   0.12m2
   Maximum working temperature:   180°C
   Maximum agitator speed:


   Steam consume:   12kg/hr,10bar
   Filter material:   SUS304
   Filter area:   0.12m2


   Dimension:   1.5m*1.2 m*1.95 m
   Volume:   3.5m³
   Weight:   580kg


* Only 25 litres of oil to be hydrogenated

* Safe and easy to use

* Reusable filter mesh

Triowin Automation Machinery, one of the famous brands, is a certified company specialized in quality hydrogenation purificiation unit. Known as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in China, we warmly welcome you to buy or wholesale our customized products and check the quotation with us.

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