Automatic Small Carbonated Drink Filling Machine

Automatic Small Carbonated Drink Filling Machine

The ability to establish precise and reproducible parameters when carbonating in the laboratory can dramatically improve the speed with which new products can be developed. The TW-CF01 miniature-scale carbonator enables precise and flexible carbonation. ...

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* Accurate control of filling and carbonating variables

* Option of filling and crown seal capping and/or screw top capping at a single station

* 15L process vessel, positioned at a convenient height.

* Throughputs up to 30lph achievable

* Wide range of cans or bottles can be used from 0.15l to in excess of 2.0l

* CO2 content in excess of 8g/l can be realised

* Enhanced colour touch screen control with Help facility as standard

* Many parameters can be automated 

* Carbonates foaming products

* Carbonates at any temperature between 4°C and 20°C

* Premix and postmix capability

* Adds protective gases (N2 connection now standard)

* Clean in place

* The material contact with product is SUS 304


    CO2content    0-10g/l 
    Material cylinder volume    15L 
    compressed air    6bar 
    CO2pressure    6bar 
    Electricity    220V/24DC  50HZ  1.2KW
    Size (length width height)    1.02*0.8*1.8m 
    Volume    1.5Cubic metre
    Weight    200KG
    Operating pressure    6bar


* Very flexible and accurate.

* Easily reproducible test batches.

* No CO2 loss during filling due to double stage cooling is very low.

* Easy to use: many functions automated.

* Cost saving: for small test batches no production line isrequired.

* Additional filling/capping head can be added at a later date.

*With TW-CF01 different container styles can be filled and capped to individual  parameters on the same product run.


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