Lab Pilot Machine

  • SD-1500 Mini Lab Scale Spray Dryer

    SD-1500 laboratory spray dryer is the result of many years of continuous development in the fielf of laboratory scale spray drying system. the first lab spray in China is supplied to Wuhan technology university by Triowin in 1995. In 1999, powerpoint authorize Triowin to...

  • Lab Juice and Milk Uht Tube Sterilizer

    PT-20T series tube in tube heat exchanger is designed to replicate industrial scale heat exchanger on a lab plant scale.the standard design incorporates a preheating, heating and cooling section.

  • Mini Lab Automatic Plate Sterilizer

    PT-20P series plate heat exchanger is designed to replicate industrial scale heat exchanger on a lab plant scale.the standard design incorporates a preheating, heating and cooling section.

  • Mini Lab Shell and Tube Milk Sterilizer

    The plate type heating module of plates and tubes,reserves one as an alternative.It is quite easy to shift before any new test.Therefore,it is widely applicable for various fluids,materials with a certain viscosity and feed containing small particles.

  • Mini Lab Scraped Surface Jam Sterilizer

    The PT-SS Scraped Surface Sterilizer is designed to replicate industrial scale.The basic design incorporates a heating barrel and cooling barrel but single barrels or multiple base units are available.Heating is by the use of a pressured hot water recirculation unit with PID...

  • Direct Steam Injection Heat Exchanger

    Direct Stream Injection Machine is designed for comparisons of heat treatment with either direct heating or indirect heating at temperatures to 152°C. Just select which system is to be used from the touch panel menu and the machine is ready to use.

  • High Pressure Homogenizer for Juice and Milk

    As the result of many years of continuous development, the machine has been successfully applied for various food fields, such as beverage making, ingredients testing, flavor and fragrance weighting, chemical composing, and other liquids processing. The machine works in many...

  • Fruit Juice Aspetic Filling Machine

    This cabinet is connected after the uht heat exchanger to meet the requirements for filling. Thanks to the solenoid valve controlling filling head and buffer tank, the filling operation becomes simple and easy with a footswitch. For more batches of samples making, a single...

  • Automatic Small Carbonated Drink Filling Machine

    The ability to establish precise and reproducible parameters when carbonating in the laboratory can dramatically improve the speed with which new products can be developed. The TW-CF01 miniature-scale carbonator enables precise and flexible carbonation.

  • Yogurt Cooling Lab Machine

    TW-HC20 Yogurt Cooler adopts the tube in tube heat exchange design; combined by the pre-cooling stage, cooling stage. Compact equipment structure, high accuracy cool temperature control; only need to connect the ice water, tap water and electric power to work.

  • Beverage Disc Separator Centrifuge

    The continuous disc centrifugal machine adopts the mechanical separation principle, has the advantages of high separation efficiency, continuous operation, good stability, etc. It is mainly used for the separation and clarification of fruit juice.

  • Multiple Stainless Steel Bio Fermenter Tank

    TW-XJD10 fermentation tank structure is made by Stainless steel, integral design, multi-function, no dead space in tank. Specially applicable for laboratory,; can be used alone or as the seeding tank to be used with other fermentation tank; can equip guide shell expanding to...

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