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Process Of Dairy Processing Production Line
Oct 11, 2017

The dairy processing production line consists of sterilization, filling machine, conveying storage device and automatic control system. Advantages: Compared with plastic bottles, glass bottles, brick-shaped package and pillow-type package, the volume rate is relatively large, and this packaging shape is easier to pack, transport and storage. If from a technical point of view, the number of packets from paper, aluminum, Dairy Processing Line plastic six-layer composite paper packaging, can effectively block the air and light, and these are easy to make milk and drink bad killer. As a result, the small Li Le bag makes milk and beverage consumption more convenient and safe, and the shelf life longer, achieve a higher packaging efficiency.

Dairy production line refers to the course of dairy products production process, that is, from raw materials into the production site, through processing, transportation, assembly, Dairy Processing Line inspection and a series of production line activities. The narrow sense of dairy processing production line is organized according to the principle of object, complete the product process process of a production organization, that is, Dairy Processing Line according to the principle of product specialization, equipped with the production of a product and 0, the components needed for all kinds of equipment and various types of workers, responsible for the completion of a product and Different processes are processed for the same labor.

Dairy processing production line process:

Raw milk testing → metering → milk → filtration → cache → separation → cooling → storage → preheating → flash steaming → pre-sterilization → cooling → storage → ingredients → storage → preheating → degassing → homogeneous → ultra-high temperature sterilization → cooling → filling → packing → insulation experiment → factory

The production process of dairy processing production line is mainly after the hot filling two times sterilization, and hot filling the main use of sterilization methods so that materials long time at high temperature, but also seriously affect the product taste, color and heat-sensitive nutrients, Dairy Processing Line the product taste will be poor. The cold filling technology of dairy processing production line in terms of its technological characteristics, it can restore the most natural taste and color of dairy products, Dairy Processing Line thus providing consumers with the most natural green beverages, so in the color protection, Paushan and other aspects of the hot filling process has incomparable advantages.

The dairy processing production line has the following characteristics:

1. Dairy processing production line is the use of wind and into the bottle dial Wheel direct technology, into the bottle dial wheel is the innovative design of bottle-neck clamping mechanism, Dairy Processing Line eliminating the bottle screw and conveyor chain, changing the bottle shape only need to replace and adjust a few parts.

2. The milk processing production line bottle transmission all uses is the card bottleneck technology, and uses the card bottle clamp to replace the traditional dial wheel, transforms the bottle shape does not need to adjust the dairy processing production line high and low, Dairy Processing Line only needs to replace as well as the adjustment few parts can complete.

3. Milk processing production line using a special design of the whole stainless steel bottle folder Durable, do not touch the mouth of the thread, to avoid the mouth of two times pollution.

4. High-speed flow, sanitation easy to clean filling valve, equipped with a perfect CIP circuit and control procedures, Dairy Processing Line equipment cleaning thoroughly reliable.

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