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Fruit And Vegetable Processing Production Line To Increase The Efficiency Of More Than 50%
Nov 01, 2017

Fruit and vegetable processing production line is suitable for fruit and vegetable material cleaning, mainly used in vegetables, fruit cleaning, such as cabbage, spinach, celery, jujube, strawberries, apples, peaches and so on. Features: The machine is equipped with arc angle taper bottom design, easy cleaning, high pressure spraying, better cleaning effect and wider range. Fruit and Vegetable Processing Line The use of bubble-type cleaning, water tank side has debris (hair, grass, woven silk and other floats) filter box, Fruit and Vegetable Processing Line will these sundries with screen filter, water pump back to the back of the box, the material sprayed.

After washing the vegetables in the ascension, the upper part has the water purification two times spurts washes, vegetables fall into the hair brush stick, the upper also has water spray, Fruit and Vegetable Processing Line brush roller divided into two layers, so that both sides of the vegetables are thoroughly cleaned, small hair through the brush with the water flow back to the debris recovery box, Fruit and Vegetable Processing Line after the spray after the filter in the front and reuse

Characteristics of fruit and vegetable processing production line

1, save water, electricity, time, clean and sanitary.

2, no damage to vegetables, high efficiency, small footprint, safe and reliable.

3, simple installation, easy to operate, easy to maintain, low energy consumption.

Products made of stainless steel, rugged and durable, equipment raw materials will not be damaged, so as to wash clean high, save labor, water-saving, equipment stable, reliable, and so on, washed clean high out of the artificial routine washing method more than three times times. The machine uses high-pressure water flow and bubble generating device to impact the surface of the cleaning object, Fruit and Vegetable Processing Line bubbles in contact with the energy generated by the rupture of the object will be washed on the surface of a shock and scrub the role of cleaning the surface of the object, will be washed clean objects.

In addition to the brush, can effectively remove the hair in the article. High-pressure water flow to make the material tumbling state, remove the product surface agricultural residue effect, dish washing machine floats can overflow from overflow trough, precipitate from the mouth, Fruit and Vegetable Processing Line in order to achieve the purpose of cleaning.

The principle of bubble blaster can rinse the surface of vegetables and fruits, improve the efficiency of more than 50%, the effective killing of harmful bacteria, Fruit and Vegetable Processing Line the decomposition of pesticide residues; This machine is equipped with a dish board, the cleaning and washing of silt effectively isolated, reduce the turbidity of water, greatly improve the recycling efficiency of cleaning water, can save 80% of cleaning water, Save manpower, easy to operate, save time and effort, low energy consumption, health, Fruit and Vegetable Processing Line safety and high efficiency.

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