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Dairy Processing Production Line Meets Standard Requirements
Nov 01, 2017

Dairy processing production line is currently the most common is full fat, low-fat and skim milk. The current market on the addition of milk is also quite large, such as high calcium low-fat milk, it is emphasized that added calcium.

Dairy processing production line it is fresh milk for raw materials, the use of pasteurized process from the processing of milk, characterized by the use of 72-85 ℃ high-temperature sterilization, in the killing of harmful bacteria in milk and intact preserved the nutrients and pure taste. Dairy Processing Line Through centrifugal net milk, standardization, homogenization, sterilization and cooling, liquid state perfusion, direct supply of consumer drinking milk.

Product characteristics of dairy processing production line:

1, milk and dairy products contain rich protein, fat, sugar and a variety of vitamins, nutrition is a comprehensive food, but also excellent bacteria medium. Therefore, we must attach great importance to hygiene and prevent microbial contamination in the process of dairy products processing.

2, the sterilization and fermentation process is generally defined as the key process. Among them, some enterprises as a special process control, the focus on the control of sterilization (fermentation) temperature, time.

3, liquid dairy products commonly used in dairy processing production lines: milk cans, clean milk equipment, refrigeration equipment, homogeneous equipment, pasteurization equipment, Dairy Processing Line aseptic filling equipment, cleaning equipment, heat preservation transport tools.

4, after the raw material milk acceptance, should carry on the process including the net milk, the cooling and the storage and so on pretreatment. After filtration and centrifugal separation, Dairy Processing Line the milk should be cooled to 2-3 ℃ for storage.

5, the purpose of standardization is to make the quality of products meet the standard requirements, will not vary with the source of raw materials and fluctuations.

6, pasteurized milk homogeneous purpose is mainly to use homogeneous machine strong mechanical work to break the fat ball into small particles, to prevent the accumulation of fat and floating, Dairy Processing Line to ensure that the product uniform and delicate white sensory quality, while further improving the digestion and absorption of milk.

7, pasteurization is aimed at killing pathogenic bacteria, Dairy Processing Line especially Mycobacterium tuberculosis, while minimizing the number of spoilage bacteria.

The use of dairy processing production line should pay attention to matters:

(1) The milk can be stored in the milk after the equipment should be thoroughly cleaned immediately. Remove the milk residue from the use process to eliminate the microbial breeding sites to reduce pollution sources and facilitate the next use.

(2) The milk can be kept dry and clean without residue in the tank after being deactivated, Dairy Processing Line and the processing equipment of dairy processing production line is strictly forbidden to store liquid in the tank for a long time. Prevent long-term residues from breeding for bacteria.

(3) It is forbidden to wash the milk cans with wire brush. The milk can produce some fine grooves after cleaning the steel wire brush, so that the tank body is destroyed, and if the residue is not cleaned when it is used, it will cause the pollution of the milk source.

(4) Check whether the agitator is short of oil and the oil seal is intact. Dairy Processing Line If the lack of oil operation, the machine will also cause damage to the body, thereby affecting future use.

(5) In the absence of water or heat conduction oil in the case of the opening of the heating pipe for dry burning, this will cause damage to the heating pipe. Dairy Processing Line Be sure to add water or heat-conducting oil before heating.

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