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Advantages Of Dairy Processing Production Line
Oct 20, 2017

The dairy processing production line has the following characteristics:

1. Dairy processing production line is the use of wind and into the bottle dial Wheel direct technology, into the bottle dial wheel is the innovative design of bottle-neck clamping mechanism, eliminating the bottle screw and conveyor chain, changing the bottle shape only need to replace and adjust a few parts.

2. The milk processing production line bottle transmission all uses is the card bottleneck technology, and uses the card bottle clamp to replace the traditional dial wheel, Dairy Processing Line transforms the bottle shape does not need to adjust the dairy processing production line high and low, only needs to replace as well as the adjustment few parts can complete.

3. Milk processing production line using a special design of the whole stainless steel bottle folder Durable, do not touch the mouth of the thread, to avoid the mouth of two times pollution.

4. High-speed flow, sanitation easy to clean filling valve, Dairy Processing Line equipped with a perfect CIP circuit and control procedures, equipment cleaning thoroughly reliable.

Dairy processing production lines are: Homogeneous machine, colloid mill, Dairy Processing Line hot and cold cylinder, batching cylinder, filter, beverage pump, UHT ultra-high temperature instantaneous sterilizer, filling machine

Product characteristics of dairy processing production line:

1, milk and dairy products contain rich protein, fat, sugar and a variety of vitamins, nutrition is a comprehensive food, but also excellent bacteria medium. Therefore, Dairy Processing Line we must attach great importance to hygiene and prevent microbial contamination in the process of dairy products processing.

2, the sterilization and fermentation process is generally defined as the key process. Among them, some enterprises as a special process control, the focus on the control of sterilization (fermentation) temperature, time.

3, liquid dairy products commonly used equipment: milk storage tank, clean milk equipment, refrigeration equipment, homogeneous equipment, pasteurization equipment, aseptic filling equipment, cleaning equipment, Dairy Processing Line heat preservation transport tools.

4, after the raw material milk acceptance, should carry on the process including the net milk, the cooling and the storage and so on pretreatment. After filtration and centrifugal separation, Dairy Processing Line the milk should be cooled to 2-3 ℃ for storage.

5, the purpose of standardization is to make the quality of products meet the standard requirements, will not vary with the source of raw materials and fluctuations.

6, pasteurized milk homogeneous purpose is mainly to use homogeneous machine strong mechanical work to break the fat ball into small particles, to prevent the accumulation of fat and floating, to ensure that the product uniform and delicate white sensory quality, while further improving the digestion and absorption of milk.

7, pasteurization is aimed at killing pathogenic bacteria, especially Mycobacterium tuberculosis, while minimizing the number of spoilage bacteria.

The production process of dairy processing production line is mainly after the hot filling two times sterilization, and hot filling the main use of sterilization methods so that materials long time at high temperature, but also seriously affect the product taste, color and heat-sensitive nutrients, Dairy Processing Line the product taste will be poor. The cold filling technology of dairy processing production line in terms of its technological characteristics, it can restore the most natural taste and color of dairy products, thus providing consumers with the most natural green beverages, so in the color protection, Paushan and other aspects of the hot filling process has incomparable advantages.

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