Automatic Three Piece Can Filling Production Line

Three-piece can is packing can-type container made of foil through crimping and bonding resistance welding process, consisted of can body, can bottom and can top. There is seam in can body; can body is wrap-sealed with can bottom and can top. Commonly used in food, beverage, dry powder, chemical and spray products....

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Consists of empty can unpiler, empty can conveyor, turning and washing machine, filling machine, sealing machine, tunnel sterilization cooler, vacuum detection machine, inkjet printer, full can conveyor, packing machine, palletizing machine, control system and a set of filling and packaging line.


Available supply capacity from 3000 bottles/h to 36000 bottles/h.


Tomato jam, concentrated fruit juice, honey, high concentration and high-viscosity products. 

Triowin Automation Machinery, one of the famous brands, is a certified company specialized in quality automatic three piece can filling production line. Known as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in China, we warmly welcome you to buy or wholesale our customized products and check the quotation with us.

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