Automatic Small Pouch Filling Line

Three/four sides sealing packing line aims at final process of jam or powder-like material’s automatic packaging.It can realize measuring, folding bad,filling,sealing sewing,conveying automatically. It’s of high accuracy,strong reliability,wear-resisting. Using the world's most advanced microcomputer chip control with photoelectric eye tracking and detection, so as to realize accurate sealing within two package and multi-purpose volume method. Meanwhile, equipped with reliable photoelectric detection system can realize obtaining complete logo when use photoelectric mark printed packaging material....

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Dissolving tank, blending tank, refractometer, degasser, sterilizer,three(four) sides sealing filling machine,spray cooling machine,conveyor,drying machine, Inkjet printer,control system and a set of filling and packing line.


Available supply capacity from 1800 bags/h to 4500 bags/h. hine,spray cooling machine,conveyor,drying machine, Inkjet printer,control system and a set of filling and packing line.


1.Using three pairs of roller and four-side sealing, continuous uninterrupted operation, rapid, smooth operation, low noise, firm seal, good sealing, flat bag, elegant and high efficiency.

2. Using magnetic pump for feeding measurement, unique blanking nozzle, and cut off material completely, accurate measurement, suitable for high speed applications.

3. Using imported frequency converter of stepless speed regulation, intelligent temperature controller to adjust sealing temperature, The use of imported inverter adjust sealing temperature, reliable and easy to operate.

4.Using photoelectric tracking system to ensure automatic check and accurate measurement for two sides printed images of packing bag.

5. Easy to adjust. Bag length and width can be stepless adjusted, suitable for varieties production by single machine.

6. Strong applicability: Suitable for both composite film and packaging material.


Tomato jam, Concentrated fruit juice,fruit juice,nutrition and high concentration products or liquid products.



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